Anura Electrical Systems
Teknology and quality in one
Anura Elektrical Equipment committed all products to be perfect.For this reason, since its inception, the most important priority for Anura electricity is the ' PRODUCT QUALITY and stylish DESIGNS and also their aims to exit onto the world standards.
Anura ELektrik Anahtar Mekanizması

Anura ELektrik Anahtar Mekanizması
Constantly Refreshes Itself In Stylish Designs.
According to studies, ANURA Electric, offers the most appropriate products and the most stylish designs, shape and needs to the consumers.

Anura Electric offers equipment which is the latest technology, and which are proofed in the Anura lab environments, which has to pass a lot of passing security tests, before it is offered to consumers.
  In this context the main security tests:
-Size and measurement control,
-High heat and fire resistance test,
-Long term off lifetime test,
-Water, humidity, rust proof test,
-Leak prevention tests
-Wear, mechanical resistance test,
-Human health tests
Anura ELektrik Priz Mekanizması

Anura Elektrik Anahtar ve Prizler Kutusu
Anura of electricity, the first phase of the production process, to packaging, every passing show great care and diligence.